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31 January 1993 – 15 September 2014

Cate and Jonathan
On September 14, 2014, the world lost an engaging young man. Jonathan Latham was loved by many. In his 21 years of life among us, he touched our hearts with his smile, his humor, and his poignant introspection. Those of us who loved Jonathan, family and friends of his mother, Cate Forrester, have come together to help raise funds for final expenses and other needs of the immediate family. The link below will take you to the memorial fund that has been established for Jonathan and his family.

Jonathan’s death is a shock, and is thus far a mystery. He had no known health problems, was not a drug addict, and just hours before leaving us forever, he was his typical, jovial self. Cate’s income has been compromised because of health issues, and there was no life insurance for such a young person, so the situation is critical from that perspective. I urge you to contribute if you are able to do so and are so moved. Regardless, please share this information with friends and colleagues.


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